Moo-Moo Eco overclocking fan

Moo-Moo Eco overclocking fan

The warm season is dangerous with dairy farm temperatures, which in the absence of ventilation can lead to thermal stress in animals and an overall loss of productivity.

To minimise the risk of heat stress, a ventilation system should be installed to cool the animals. For this purpose, dissipating fans are used that can create a directed and intense air flow to remove excess heat from the cow's skin surface.

The Moo-Moo Eco Dairy Acceleration Fan has been designed with all cattle housing features in mind.


  • The protective mesh and blades of Moo-Moo Eco have a design that reduces the weight of the fan.
  • The fan blades for cows are made of materials not exposed to the aggressive environment of the barn.
  • The combination of motor and pulleys reduces the overall energy consumption of the fan while maintaining high power.
  • The Moo-Moo Eco fan uses significantly less energy than other popular dairy fans. The power consumption of Moo-Moo Eco is 0.63 kW.
  • Using voltage regulation units in Moo-Moo Eco can save up to 80% on electricity (compared to the previous Moo-Moo model).

Why do you need to install a Moo-Moo Eco overclocked fan?

The lack of an efficient ventilation system causes heat stress and reduces milk production by 3 liters per day per cow. As an example let's take a typical dairy farm project for 2 800 cows.

Make small calculations:

In a month losses for a dairy farm for 2 800 cows will be:

2 800 cows x 3 liters x 30 days = 252 000 liters of milk per month.

Let's say one liter of milk equals one euro. It turns out that the owner of a dairy farm for 2 800 cows does not receive 252 000 euro per month.

In a year fans work from three to four months.

In total, in the absence of an effective ventilation system the financial loss for 4 months will be 1 008 000 euro.

Installing the Moo-Moo Eco overclocking fan will allow you not only to increase productivity on your cattle farm, but also to ensure the safety of your profits.

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